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Creating Noise, second edition

Stefan Hollos and J. Richard Hollos

Format and pricing: Paperback 7.5 x 9.25 inch (89 pages) $19.95, pdf $12.95
ISBN: 9781887187459 (paperback)
Publication date: April 2023

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This book provides an introduction to noise. It shows how to create noise digitally on a computer or using analog electric circuits. Many different forms of noise such as white, pink, and noise with general power spectral densities are covered.

The book shows how to design analog electric circuits that create pink noise with unity gain at any arbitrary frequency. There are analogous design procedures for generating noise on a computer.

There is much original content in this book that has not been published anywhere else as far as we know. Engineers, physicists, mathematicians and sound artists may all find something of interest.

A good complement to this book is our introduction to digital filters: Recursive Digital Filters: A Concise Guide

About the authors

Stefan Hollos and J. Richard Hollos are physicists and electrical engineers by training, and enjoy anything related to math, physics, engineering and computing. They are brothers and business partners at Exstrom Laboratories LLC in Longmont, Colorado.


White Noise

100 seconds. File: white.ogg

Pink Noise

100 seconds. File: pink50.ogg (pink noise with unity gain frequency of 50 Hz)

Violet Noise

100 seconds. File: violet100.ogg (violet noise with unity gain frequency of 100 Hz)

Green Noise

100 seconds. File: green1.ogg (green noise with upper half power frequency of 100 Hz, lower half of 50 Hz)

Deep Green Noise

100 seconds. File: green3.ogg (using the green noise filter twice)

Table of Contents

C program files from the book, in the order they appear:

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